I participate in a variety of online and offline communities to further develop as an educator. I lucky to work at a school where we value and encourage teacher inquiry with our Professional Growth Plan (PGP) and have a group of colleagues who are naturally inquisitive and happy to embark on a shared learning journey. Every year at YIS I’ve inquired into different aspects of learning and teaching, fully supported by our community and administration.

For my online communities, however, ‘participate’ might be a bit of a stretch – in most of these online communities I’m just a (proud?) lurker. I stepped into the Twitter scene a couple of months into my teaching career – I could see the benefits of the educational community on Twitter and over the years I’ve benefited from a small, curated list of educators that I follow. However, as you can see, I’ve not quite found a flow for sharing on Twitter, yet. I’ve just calculated my average and it looks like I’m rocking about 1 tweet per month – far from impressive. One of my goals over the next year and a half with COETAIL is to work to further develop

Interested in what else completes my learning community? Check out the graphic below.