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Here are a few ISTE Standards for Educators that I would like to focus on over the next year and a half.

Standard 6C: Create learning opportunities that challenge students to use a design process and computational thinking to innovate and solve problems.

Computational thinking, design thinking and computer science are high on my list of priorities at YIS. I’ve had lots of conversations with YIS teachers about computational thinking and how it aligns with the way we approach education and the way IB approaches education. The elementary school teachers and I have just started collaboratively investigating computational thinking and have been brainstorming ways in which we can embed computational thinking authentically into the units of inquiry. We’ve made a start, but we have a long way to go. I’ve also spent some time learning about and exploring our use of design thinking. Of course, I spent some time looking at the Stanford and its approach to design thinking and are developing ideas of how we can move forward with a more concrete design thinking approach at YIS.

Standard 3: Citizen, Educators inspire students to positively contribute to and responsibly participate in the digital world. (all substandards)

Another large focus for me this year is digital citizenship. YIS is in the middle of a shift in thinking regarding digital citizenship. In the past, digital citizenship was a combination of whole school focus around digital citizenship (including a digital citizenship week) and sporadic classroom lessons. Last year we formed a focus group to move away from the idea that digital citizenship just happens one week a year and to the idea that digital citizenship is embedded in most everything we do. I know this isn’t new, but we’ve also been looking at the idea that maybe we just need citizenship, not digital citizenship. I’m still not sure where this will end or what direction we will take, but I look forward to using some of my time with COETAIL to help expand my understanding and consolidate my thinking.

Standard 1: Learner, Educators continually improve their practice by learning from and with others and exploring proven and promising practices that leverage technology to improve student learning. (all substandards)

Lastly, I’ve chosen Standard 1 because I don’t want to forget that just because I’m a coach, doesn’t mean I’m not learning and growing everyday. I just spent the weekend at Vietnam Tech Conference – on Saturday I introduced myself to another teacher and after stating that I was a Tech Learning Coach he replied that I must know everything being presented. Well I’m sure he was just sparking some light-hearted conversation, it did make me think a bit about my role as a coach and how sometimes teachers see us. I certainly didn’t know everything that was being presented and I’m very much a learner all the time.


My Learning Communities

I participate in a variety of online and offline communities to further develop as an educator. I lucky to work at a school where we value and encourage teacher inquiry with our Professional Growth Plan (PGP) and have a group of colleagues who are naturally inquisitive and happy to embark on a shared learning journey. Every year at YIS I’ve inquired into different aspects of learning and teaching, fully supported by our community and administration.

For my online communities, however, ‘participate’ might be a bit of a stretch – in most of these online communities I’m just a (proud?) lurker. I stepped into the Twitter scene a couple of months into my teaching career – I could see the benefits of the educational community on Twitter and over the years I’ve benefited from a small, curated list of educators that I follow. However, as you can see, I’ve not quite found a flow for sharing on Twitter, yet. I’ve just calculated my average and it looks like I’m rocking about 1 tweet per month – far from impressive. One of my goals over the next year and a half with COETAIL is to work to further develop

Interested in what else completes my learning community? Check out the graphic below.


Hi there, I’m Matt

Name: Matt Broughton
Originally from: Lexington, Kentucky, USA
Currently living & working: Yokohama International School, Japan
Position: Technology Learning Coach
Cohort: 11
Twitter: @broughton_io

I’m Matt a Technology Learning Coach at Yokohama International School currently enjoying the beautiful Japan winter.

As an educator, very passionate about creating authentic connections to technology. Recently, I’ve been spending quite a bit of time thinking about computational thinking and computer science (we are a school that doesn’t offering DP computer science, but we will want to ensure that our students have experiences with computational thinking and computer science).

I’ve also been working with some of our administrators and teachers investigating digital citizenship and how we can ensure that our students are well prepared for living in our connected world – I’m sure you will hear more from me about that as the course develops.

Outside of my primary role at YIS, I’m also hugely passionate about teaching students scuba diving and learning through scuba diving. I run a high school service group that is focused on aquatic conservation. We partner with a non-profit organization to collect data regular data on the ocean conditions via scuba diving here and Japan and share it out with the world. It’s long term service, but the students are super passionate about it. It’s a wonderful way for me to share my personal passion for scuba diving with the amazing students at YIS.