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Providing professional development, either right now informal development or structured, formal PD, is a large part of my role as a learning coach. That was the primary reason why I chose for the course 2 final project to work to develop a professional development plan that helps teachers better understand the third ISTE Educator Standard – educators inspire students to positively contribute to and responsibly participate in the digital world.

Developing a PD opportunity from afar

Thankfully, Reyna is also a coach who was keen to work together to develop this program. Reyna and I had met briefly earlier this year in Vietnam and has chatted a bit in depth about reporting, so I knew she was passionate and would make a great partner. We started a bit late, but made up for it in our efficient decision making and well-developed planning. Reyna, thankfully, put together a great overview of what the PD could look like and we

For this PD, we broke it up into 4 shorted 30-40 minutes sessions. This made it a bit more manageable from a planning perspective, but also significantly easier for us to actually use. As a learning coach, I don’t often have 2 hour chunks for professional development and often work with shorter, more direct time frames.

Building from course 2

COETAIL course 2 laid the perfect foundation for this PD program. We share a similar structure as we work through the third ISTE Educator Standard and we relied a lot on using various articles and resources to drive discussion. Combining those great articles and resources with valuable Visible Thinking routines and other discussion prompts, created a wonderful way for teachers to learn and develop collaboratively.

Take a look

Please, take a look and let us know what you think. Much of the actual content is in the speaker notes, so please have a read of those to get the best idea of what we were planning. Feel free to adapt and use it in your school!

Relevant PD for the Modern Educator – COETAIL Course 2 Final Project=